Art Installations


Bass Coast 2019 (July 12-15)

This year my partner Tanya Kong and I submitted an art installation application for an art grant. We will utilize recycled materials such as wood, wire, tile grout as well as florescent paint to create our art installation. We got accepted and Bass Coast wants our installation as the center piece for the art installation area. Both Tanya and myself are so excited to share our art piece with you. Of course we can’t give hints nor tell you what it is going to be. We can say this though, we have had our hands full of working with grout (pun intended) and are nearing completion with all of the prep work. Bass Coast is July 12-15 2019. You can expect photos of our installation after the festival has ended. Tanya and I have been taking many photos of all the hard work , 100’s of hours of work, and are so very excited to show you all. Much love, see you on the dance floor. D

Bamboo shade environment Bass Coast 2013

I received an art grant to design, create, and install an art installation.   I chose bamboo, as a renewable resource and  a compostable resource, to construct a shade tunnel environment.  Built over the course of 3 days, measuring roughly 12 meters in length, 8 meters wide, and 3 meters tall at the apex; this structure enabled festival participants a place to escape the sun, and at night with the structure being lit from the inside, it created an encapsulating place to relax.


Photo ©2013 Cody Puckett



Art Direction and Decor

Since 2014 I have been Art Director and Decor Artist for the main stage for Bass Coast Festival and Guild Art Collective.

Past year installations have included, but not limited to, decor construction, and installation of decor kit for Mutiny, the pirate ship.

 100% recycled and upcycled materials used.

Mutiny photographs ©2014 Basscoast, ©2014 Vasco, ©2014 Benzphoto, ©2014 Zippora


Tentacles 2015

Following Mutiny was Tentacular! Giant wooden tentacles breaking out from wrapping around the main stage.  My job was to wrap the main framed wooden skeletal structure of each tentacle with a super thin wooden "skin".   Flexible to a point and then very brittle and breaking,   the job proved tricky  for my crew and I but we pulled it off.     One of my favourite installations because of the unique asymmetrical design.


Photo ©2015 Patrick Latter



2017 saw the creation of a spaceship.    My job was to build rockets, black matter ray guns, and little unique decor features, as well as, paint the craft.   60+ hours of decor.    Such an awe inspiring installation.  

100% recycled and upcycled materials used.


Photo ©2017 Basscoast